Save countless minutes and endless frustration with this simple cleaning hack -- easily insert, slide and clean up to three blinds in seconds!

The Window Blinds Duster is simply a must have for any household where the windows are kitted out with any kind of blind or shutter. The extra long microfiber-wrapped fingers are long enough to span the length of virtually every variation of blind on the market. From the clattery classic thin metal blind to a gorgeous wooden venetian, the Window Blinds Duster will clean them all and lower the dread you feel when thinking about dusting the cursed blinds. Even better, the microfiber is machine-washable, so once you're done with dusting you can simply toss it in the machine and pour yourself that hard-earned glass of wine. Go on -- you've earnt it.

the specs

Material: Microfiber & Plastic
Size: Approx 22 * 4.2cm/ 8.7 * 1.7 inch