One measuring spoon to rule them all.

Every now and then a product comes along that you just look at and think "Well, of course, that's how it should be done" and thisĀ is one of them. Instead of nesting together a bunch of individual spoons, the Twin Tip Adjustable Measuring Spoon incorporates two clever spoons into one super smart spoon.

At each end, you'll find an adjustable slider which lengthens or shortens the spoon area to a specific measurement. You've got small 1-3.5g/ml measurements at one end, and 5-13g/ml at the other end. So basically -- no matter the recipe, the ingredient or the quantity -- this spoon can handle it for you with a simple slide. Now that's forward thinking.

the specs

Material: Plastic (PP)
Certification: CIQ,LFGB,CE / EU
Material:Ā Plastic
Color:Ā Random
Size: Per photo
Weight: 43 g
Package: 1 pc