A lifesaver for when you find out that one friend with a loose grip after a few chardonnay's is still coming to your BBQ.

Everyone is having a good time, the banter is free-flowing, your potato salad is a smash hit. It's all going so w--- *smash*. Michelle. She's dropped one of your favourite wine glasses - again. Classic Michelle.

Stop letting Michelle ruin your glassware -- give her one made of damn near indestructible silicone instead! That way it's only her cheap wine going to waste next time she's trying to prove whether Fruity Lexia actually makes you sexier or not (hint: never has, never will).

This set of two Silicone Wine Glasses will immediately become some of your most versatile vessels. Durable, washable and reusable, they can surprisingly be used to drink almost anything you can imagine - not just wine! Plus, their silicone construction means that can easily be packed for a trip down to the beach or taken on a picnic - and you don't have to be gentle with them. They'll never shatter, thanks to being made out of the wonder material that is silicone, and they quickly *pop* back out to their original shape, no matter how they were stored.

Easy to clean and 100% dishwasher-safe, these Silicone Wine Glasses make an ideal gift for the clumsy, the outdoorsy-type and our old favourite - the drunk. Pick up a pair for the drunk in your life today.

the specs

Certification: EEC,CE / EU,SGS,CIQ,LFGB,FDA, 100% BPA Free
Quantity: 2
Material: Silicone
Temperature Range: -58F to 675F

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