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The dream of not having to stir your own coffee of a morning is finally a reality.

ENJOY THE SMARTEST SELF STIRRING MUG --- This self-stirring mug is exactly what you need for travel! With the push of a button, it will stir your cup of morning joe by itself - bliss! You could enjoy your now stirred beverage whilst driving, without fear of spilling and making a mess. Powered by 2 AAA batteries with a perfect stirring speed mechanism: it's not too slow and not too fast.
BIGGER CAPACITY THAN ANY OTHER MUG --- We know how much you need your coffee intake, the more the better, right? That's why our self-stirring mug has a bigger capacity to quench your thirst. It holds 13-16 oz of your drink, almost 50% larger than any other mug. Because bigger is always better.
SUPER DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL AND AIRTIGHT SEAL --- Imagine yourself in a hurry with a mug full of hot coffee in your hand. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Well, not if your mug has an airtight lid like this one. The high-grade silicone seal will secure your mug tightly to preserve the heat and coldness of your drink. Plus, the premium stainless steel construction won't easily break or be dented,
EFFORTLESS TO USE WITH SWITCH BUTTON AND COMFY HANDLE --- The power button is right at the top of the handle, so it's easier to reach and turn on with your thumb. The handle itself is firm and comfy to grip. It also has a small hole for you to sip your coffee without having to open the lid entirely.
LIMITED STOCK; GET IT FAST --- works perfectly for any kind of beverage, be it coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, and many more... It doesn't even need to be a stirred drink. That's how capable this mug is.

the specs

Colour: Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, White
Capacity: 14-16 oz
Dimension: 3.4 x 5.11 inch
Material: Stainless Steel
Requires 2x AAA batteries (not included)

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