Takes up next to no space until you need it -- perfect for picnics, hikes and anything where you can make someone else carry the water.

You'll never have to go anywhere without a vessel again with the Reusable Outdoor + Sports Water Bottle. Made free of BPAs and any other nasty chemicals, this is quite possibly the most convenient water bottle you will ever own.

When empty, the Reusable Outdoor + Sports Water Bottle rolls up into a... tiny little rolled-up water bottle, neatly accessorised with a metal carabiner to attach it wherever you see fit -- belt loop, backpack, spacer earring; you've really never had a more versatile bottle.

When you finally stumble upon that conveniently located source of drinkable water on that-hike-you've-been-planning-but-just-haven't-had-time-for-yet, you'll be the envy of those friends you're going with when you detach your tiny rolled-up bottle and unfurl a respectable 700ml of water storage capacity. Ka-pow!

Your Reusable Outdoor + Sports Water Bottle can also double as an ice pack -- increasing it's value even more. Pop it in the freezer then, once frozen (duh), use it as instructed by your healthcare professional to help cure what ails you! Pro tip -- as your injury is soothed, you're gaining an ice cold bottle of water to drink!

the specs

Capacity: 700ML
Material: PE / PA / PET
Size: 23 * 13 CM

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