Turns the plain old boring drill that you've (probably) got laying around into a high-powered scrubbing machine, and we all need high-powered scrubbing machines.

This set of 3 brush attachments will up your cleaning game three-fold. Each brush attaches to your power drill with a standard hex-connector piece, allowing to get scrubbing quickly and hassle-free. The nylon brush heads are strong enough to cut through grime, whilst being soft enough to not scratch the surface you're cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning -- leveraging the power of your drill, you'll be able to scrub as you've never scrubbed before! The strong, durable plastic of the brush heads will make short work of any cleaning task around the house. From getting rid of shower scum buildup,Ā giving the toilet a high-powered scrubbing or scrubbing off that bit of burnt-on food that just won't budge -- these drill attachments will have you putting your feet up faster.

Note:Ā Cordless drillĀ NOTĀ included.

the specs

Material: Plastic
Pieces: 3
Size: 2-inch disc, 3.5-inch brush, 4-inch disc