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Defy gravity and suspend your knives on unused wall-space instead of in a chunky, boring, counter-space-consuming knife block.

Keep knives and other frequently used tools and utensils conveniently within reach with this wall-mounted Magnetic Knife Holder. This handy tool bar features four strong magnetic strips. They can hold sharp knives, tools and utensils securely. And it also won't dull knives. Also comes with six hanging hooks for hanging other utensils, as well as mounting hardware.

Holds knives securely: Four super-powerful magnets will hold your kitchen knives securely while giving you a quick and easy release when you're ready to cook.
Organised: Clear precious counter space all while showing off your knife collection! A more sanitary alternative to store your knives that will help prevent them from dulling. Plus 6 additional hooks for your kitchen utensils, saving even more space and giving you more opportunities to show off those fancy kitchen tools you never actually use.
Safety First: Acts to maintain distance between sharp knives and your child's naughty little hands, ensuring safety maintained in your home.

the specs

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 40.6 * 6 * 1.02cm(L * W * H).
Packing list: 1 * Magnetic Knife Holder, 6 * Hooks, 4 * Screws, 4 * White Pl

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