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Selfish wine lovers rejoice - crack open that bottle of Grange, then stop it with this and rest easy knowing nobody else can get a single drop of your now-open-almost-a-house-deposit bottle of wine except you.

You'll never worry about anyone getting their greedy little mitts into that bottle of wine you just couldn't finish ever again with the Combination Lock Wine Bottle Stopper. A three digit lock sits atop this wine bottle stopper, helping to keep your precious vino safe from the mildly impatient would-be wine thief.

Ideal for use at home or behind the bar, this bottle stopper seals an opened bottle of wine from damaging external oxygen, ensuring your wine stays as fresh as possible for as long as can be. The lock can also be used on an unopened bottle to ensure that nobody ruins the bottle of wine you've been saving for that special occasion.

the specs

Size: 43mm*43mm
Material: Plastic
Package Includes: 1 x Wine Stopper Lock

Password Setting Method:
1st step: Press and hold the silver round button on top;
2nd step: Adjust the number on top (default password is 000) to a new combination
3rd step: Release the button and your new combination is et

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