Banish that bulky colander from your kitchen! This flexible silicone wonder sieve will save space and is really just a damn good idea.

Colanders. They're a necessity in any kitchen and only really do one thing, so you have to ask -- why do they have to take up so much space? The simple answer is that they no longer do. The Clip-On Pot Strainer is the answer to every draining question you've ever had.

Once again using Unclutter's favourite kitchen material, silicone, the Clip-On Pot Strainer simply clips securely onto the side of any size pot or pan in your arsenal. You're then free to tip and pour away any excess direct from pan safe in the knowledge your food will be held back from meeting an unfortunate demise in the sink.

So to recap - it saves space and fits on anything. It's perfect, we love it and you will too.

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Material: Silicone

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