Who is Unclutter?

Unclutter was borne out of a desire to provide a one-stop shop for anything and everything that could help make life at home more organised and less stressful - to avoid those moments when you're laying awake at night and you can't stop thinking about the amount of work you have to do, not to mention housework on top of that!

We all know that the modern lifestyle doesn't allow us to switch off that often. So that's our aim -- save you time and create space in your home so that you can, if only for an extra minute here and there, switch off and really relax.

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The hanging rail that provided the spark

The Spark.

The extra rail seen pictured here is what sparked the idea for Unclutter. It was such a simple idea executed perfectly. What other simple storage hacks were out there?

Our Goals at Unclutter

Saving You Time
We want to help you reclaim time around the house. Instead of spending time tidying or cleaning, we want you to be able to relax and enjoy some quality 'me-time'. Many of the products we stock are chosen with goal front of mind - perhaps an item that makes a job faster or makes something less physically taxing.
Maximise Your Space
We want to help you make better use of and maximise the space you already have at home. Especially in apartments, space is often a precious commodity and using it effectively is a challenge that many of us face. We also choose items with this in mind; perhaps it's a shelving unit that fills a previously unused void or a storage solution for the space under your bed that used to be where odd socks ended up.
Life Hacks for Home
We want you to win at life, everyday. And that usually starts and ends at home. Our aim here is to provide you all the tools you need to hack life; so we'll provide you all the cool gadgets and items to do so. These are your weird and wonderful 2-in-1 kitchen tools or gadgets that automate (sometimes somewhat needlessly) otherwise mundane daily tasks. We have fun with these ones.
Don't Break the Bank
We aim to always be affordable for every home; everyone should have the opportunity to kick back and relax once in a while, so we'll do our bit and make sure everyone can afford to be Uncluttered.